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Lectionary meditation for March 19, # 245

March 20, 2012


Scripture: Lectionary 245. Isaiah 65:17-21. Psalm 30:2.4.5-6.11-13. John 4:43-54:

Faith and Love are easy ways of dividing the Gospel of John into two parts. Faith comprises the first twelve chapters while love takes over in the remaining chapters thirteen to twenty-one.  There are also seven recorded miracles that are meant to lead a person to faith in Jesus, however, John does not call them miracles; for his they are signs (semeia in Greek). It is the only Gospel that so designates the marvelous deeds of Jesus. Signs are not to be merely curing or controlling a storm or multiplying bread; they are meant to lead those who are helped by Jesus to believe in him.  Signs are there for deepening our faith in Jesus, the Word, the Son of God.

John recalls the first of the signs in this passage and thus leads us to the other signs which are not worked in Cana or Galilee but in Jerusalem.  John who is the omniscient author helps us by recalling the word sign or signs from time to time in his Gospel.  In this second sign of Jesus healing the son of the royal official we see the development of faith not only in the official but also in his whole family who come to believe in Jesus.  Belief is thus a community experience as well as an individual gift of God.

During our Lent we are encouraged by readings from the Evangelists to grow in our faith commitment.  Our reflection and pondering over the words of the readings help us to become aware of our faith.  The signs in John’s Gospel we lead us into the “hour” of Jesus, that is, his Passion, Death, and Resurrection.  We become his beloved disciples like John himself and we are also joining with Mary in continuing the action of the Holy Spirit by bringing Jesus to others. Amen.

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